Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sweet Sleep

Well Ramona is just rolling through milestones these past few days. She slept through the night on Sunday and Monday. We have been really good about staying on routines, but she still doesn't sleep very long in her bed. When we woke up on Monday morning, Nick and I were freaking out wondering where she was. (Typically when she wakes up at night, we just keep her in the bed with us for the remainder of the night.) Then we checked the monitor and there she was asleep. She slept while I got ready, and I had to go in and wake her.

I must admit Nick and I did suffer from some separation anxiety when we didn't wake up to our cuddly little one. I know it's for the best, but I still like being close to her. It helps me balance out my time away from her.

On Monday, she rolled over from back to belly at daycare. She has been so close lately. We knew it would be any day. She's been pulling at her feet and rocking for what seems like weeks now, and she finally figured it wouldn't be the worst thing ever if she rolled onto her belly!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Sit Up Success

Ramona has been pulling herself up when she's in her bouncer. She can only pull up when she's sitting at an incline. It just cracks us up to see her use those stomach muscles! We need to find another option for her while we get ready in the morning since she's about finished with that bouncer!

Today Ramona sat up by herself when Nick sat her down. She looks just like a little, old women. So precious. What a big girl she is becoming and more beautiful everyday.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

An old favorite

A few days ago when I was rifling thru iPhoto, I found this picture. It's amazing how much she has changed since December, when this picture was taken.

The photo has immediately become one of my favs.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

Triple Trouble?

Well Ramona wasn't taking her antibiotic very well. She was gagging most of it up. We took her in on Sunday morning to get a shot of antibiotics. We don't know if it was the medicine, a stomach bug, or congestion that is causing the problem. We have to restart her on the antibiotic on Wednesday to see if she will take it. If not, then we will have to give her more shots.

It's Spring Break! Unfortunately, we found ourselves at the doctor again today. I took Ramona to daycare, so I could work on my research paper (yuck). They called me at 3:00 to tell me that she was throwing up. I got there and she was struggling to throw up. They said she hadn't eaten much, and she look so weak and miserable. I called Nick and had him come pick us up and take us to the doctor. Her attempts to throw up were really causing her to gag. I was too afraid that she would choke on the way home.

The doctor said she is just really congested, so we have to give her pedialite. He also prescribed a medicine for dizziness that is typically given to chemo patients. What a miserable and terrifying feeling. I just want her to get better!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Double Trouble

I took Ramona to the doctor today because she had goop in her eye. She woke up with it yesterday, but I figured I would just monitor it to see if it got worse. When she woke up with it again today, I called to make an appointment. Good thing because it turns out she has a double ear infection. Go figure. She hasn't been running a fever, pulling at her ears, or any other fussy behavior to indicate that she needs medical attention! I guess she is just too good for her own good.

The doctor said her left ear was a level 3 infection which is a notch below a ruptured ear. Her right ear is a level 2. She is on an antibiotic for her eye and one for her ears as well. Poor baby girl! We had no idea she acted completely normal. It was so heart breaking when he told me. It's just a strange feeling. I mean I knew it was treatable and everything would be fine, but there is this terrible heart sinking feeling when your child is sick. I can't really put it into words but I assure you it's miserable.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

5 Months

Oh my goodness I can't believe it! Ramona is 5 months. She has started to really laugh out loud. She loves to be entertained. She has discovered her feet. She loves to pull them. Ramona loves to see her daddy when he gets home. She smiles so big at him then buries her head in my neck. I would say that she's still a momma's girl, but the writing is on the wall for her to be a daddy's girl.

Ramona sits up pretty well. She still needs support, but she's getting there. She's loves to hold our hands while we count to 3 and pull her up. She starts to pull herself up when we count. Ramona stands up after we've pulled her to a sitting up.

First this month:

Solid food - rice cereal
We only fed her 3 times though. I just felt like I would be pumping all the time if I fed her a bottle at night. I don't know what solution we will come up with for this.

Fever from her shots for the whole 48 hours afterwards.

Valentines Day!