Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tennessee BBQ

The BBQ was on Saturday (as always). It was hot. I mean really hot. I was pouring sweat and Ramona was uncomfortable as well. I ate like 3 potatoes, so I can't say that it wasn't worth it.

Mimi (my mom), Aunt Brenda, Ramona, and I before the feast. We were at my Uncle James' porch with huge fans blowing on us.

Ramona entertaining Uncle Chester, Aunt Brenda, and 4th cousin (?) Houston

Passed out with Papa after the long day

Friday, June 25, 2010

Antique Shopping in TN

We had a short family trip to Tennessee to visit my mom's side of the family for the annual Martin's Chapel BBQ. We left at night so Ramona would sleep the whole night which worked out quite well. It was so wonderful spending time with my sweet family.

Of course, we went to some antique shops in Goodletsville with my wonderful Aunt Brenda (my favorite relative). We didn't see anything we couldn't live without. Oddly enough we did pick up a mirror and some sewing stuff at Goodwill at the end of the day! We also found a chair that matched our Craigslist chair!

Here we are in front of one antique place. We are apparently related to the owner in some way, but she said yea extremely annoying, stretching the vowels out in an unusual southern way (not charming just annoying but funny).

Wills Girls Antiquing It Up

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy 1st Father's Day

Happy 1st Father's Day to the world's best daddy! Ramona and I love you very much Nick! You are our provider and the #1 man in our lives.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

1 New 1 Saved...

At our garage sale, my mom brought over some things. She happened to bring over some vintage sewing patterns which I found some hilarious ones along with a few I thought I could use. I made Ramona a dress one night and completely messed it up (or so I thought). I set at date with my friend Shelley to go to her house to try again. (Her daughter Cheyne has her sewing studio a Shelley's house.)

I cut out the pattern with the Amy Butler fabric we bought on during our outlet shopping spree.

Took it to Shelley's. Using a REAL sewing machine, I create this and fixed the other one. (Of course it helps that Shelley did the button holes and walked me through the whole thing. Plus Ramona is a beautiful model.)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Baby's Got a Brand New Dress

It was the night before the last day of school when what to her tired eyes should appear but the desire to sew and a willing husband to pick up the last minute supplies. Yes friends, I was hit with the sewing bug. I wanted to make a dress for Ramona (and not screw it up like the last time). I watched a few youtube videos. Then figured I had the gist of it and cut my fabric.

I got completely frustrated. The fabric was satin and was so difficult to work with especially when I was cutting. For those that know me I really don't like it when things don't go according to how I envision them to be. I suffered through with Nick keeping me somewhat afloat with reassuring comments about how at least we only paid $1 for the fabric.

I sewed the arm holes with the machine but manually by moving the needle with the wheel. I am just not quite comfortable enough to use the pedal on curves like that. I figured it was best to play it safe especially with the slippery fabric.

Anyway, here's is the final product. Don't look too close I am still learning! It helps that Ramona is so adorable that a potato sack would look cute on her.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

8 Months

Ramona is 8 months. Amazing how time flies when you are watching your precious child grow. She is about 18.8 lbs and 25 inches long. R is loving summer and staying with mommy all day (and so is mommy). She loves swimming! Now if we could get our pool going and warmer she'd be set.

She is pretty mobile for a baby that can't crawl yet. R sees what she wants and maneuvers her way around to get it. It's pretty amazing to watch. She is VERY close to crawling. She gets on all fours and rocks. Sometimes Ramona even gets on her feet and her hands. She's face planted a few times which keeps her just on the safe side of taking off. But like I said she is mobile and curious so she keeps us on our feet.

Ramona can hold her bottle which is so cute to watch. Since she has 2 teeth, I decided to pump exclusively. It's the safer choice. She has figured out how to put puffs into her mouth which is REALLY cute to watch. She gobbles them from her hand and gets slobber everywhere. I am not going to lie it's precious. Another big accomplishment this month is Ramona can pull herself up and sit herself up from laying down.

We celebrated 8 months by buying pretty much everything in Old Navy. She was asleep the entire time her Lolli cleaned out the baby girl section.

Happy 8 months baby girl!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Merry Go Round

Ramona experienced her first Merry Go Round ride at Grapevine Mills with the Brunson cousins. She seemed to really enjoy it. I was a bit dizzy after a bit especially since I video taped some of it. I really wanted off after that!